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Licensed Psychologist, Owner



Hello, I'm Angela. Licensed Psychologist, Current Resident of Gainesville, FL and Owner of Affirmative Counseling and Psychologist Services, LLC. Welcome to my practice!


To me, therapy is a sacred and unique space where change is not just possible, it is inevitable. I am grateful and fortunate to be able to walk with my clients through some of the most exciting and heart breaking life experiences that humble me as a human being. My approach to therapy is best described as collaborative and relational with attention to viewing adults through an attachment lens. I am an advocate of inclusivity and social justice with a particular interest in working with clients of diverse identities addressing the intersectionality of gender, race and sexuality. You will find I am both warm and engaged in the therapy process, bringing my full, authentic self into this relationship. 

I have a particular interest in adults and older teens who are navigating major life transitions, histories of trauma and resulting loneliness. This includes those persons who identify as non-straight along the continuum of LGBTQ+ and persons of color navigating their professional and personal selves while managing oppressive environments and experiences. A big part of my practice also includes relationship work. I have completed training in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples including both my required Externship and Core Skills in 2019 and I am actively working toward certification by receiving ongoing supervision. Most importantly I care about the therapist-client connection and the comfort you feel in the therapy space. 


Acceptance, Inclusivity, Authenticity, Connection

Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC was created with the mission of serving individuals, couples, and families by increasing a feeling of connection with themselves as well as in their relationships with others. Recent research reports that more than half of Americans feel lonely and lack authentic connection that make them feel loved, valued, and seen. Such loneliness can have detrimental effects on both emotional and physical health with youth and young adults being most at risk. At Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC our goal is to help individuals undo this loneliness through authentic connection not just in therapy but in their personal and professional lives. Under the gaze of social justice, inclusivity and authenticity we hope to meet each individual at their present places of struggle, distress, and/or pain in addition to celebrating in their successes and triumphs as they embrace the constant change of life's many mysteries.


Our services are available and beneficial to all individuals though we have a particular interest in attending to attachment based concerns such as relationships with self, partners, and family members. This includes exploring identity development; those making major life decisions and changes; persons managing histories of trauma that impacts their ability to connect and build the fulfilling relationships they desire; and unique to us, we find joy in helping same sex couples and blended families make adjustments in their family dynamics and communication patterns so all individuals can work toward increasing loving bonds amongst each other.

If you feel we are the right fit for you and your concerns please call to schedule an appointment. Not sure? Check out our available services to learn more.