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Fees and Payment Information


We believe therapy is an investment of time, energy, and resources by us and our clients and we enjoy talking with prospective clients about ways to balance these. We have found that the lower the cost of services, the less priority people place on this service which does not help you as the client or us as the clinician. However we do recognize that many cannot afford therapy services. When you call to schedule your appointment you will be provided information about fees for service and reminded that we do not accept insurance. We believe my rates are competitive but are open to hearing about your unique situation and will make accommodations if possible. Also, during your course of therapy, if your financial situations changes and therapy becomes unaffordable, please inquire about ways we can manage fees for service. If we can accommodate your needs, we will.


We do not directly participate with insurance plans. There are a number of reasons why this is the case and we are happy to have a conversation with you about fees for service. However, I will assist you if you wish to use your insurance by giving you receipts to submit directly to your insurance provider. Many insurance companies will pay for a portion of outpatient mental health services. You should check with your insurance company representative to find out specific requirements and limitations of this coverage. Payments for services received through Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC are ultimately your responsibility.


At Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Services, LLC we accept cash and check as well as all major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard). Payment is expected at time of service.


If you find that you need to cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible so that we can schedule others that may be waiting for services. You will be personally charged for your appointment if not canceled at least 24 hours in advance other than for emergency reasons. If more than two appointments are cancelled within 24 hours future sessions will need to be paid 48 hours in advance via PayPal payment. If you no show for an intake appointment or cancel your intake appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time you will not be able to reschedule without first paying the full fee for your missed appointment and your rescheduled appointment.

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