A Happier, More Connected You

Therapy one-on-one is a great opportunity to begin exploring your struggles and begin the process of self-discovery and healing in a safe and confidential space. All parts of you will be welcomed into the counseling space and you will feel a collaborative relationship between yourself and the counselor. Individual therapy is best for someone who is ready to dig in and do some hard work. You don't necessarily need to have a clear path laid out for what you hope to gain (and this may even limit your ability to move in a direction you didn't realize was possible) but most individuals find they get out of therapy what they put into it. A conversation with your counselor can help you decide if individual therapy is the best resource for you at this time.


Connect with Others, Connect with Yourself

Group therapy is a wonderful opportunity to engage with others who share your concerns where you can feel validated in all of your feelings. It is also a rich experience where you can better understand familiar group behaviors that you’ve experienced as inhibiting personal growth on a daily basis. Many people have the experience of struggling to speak up in their family of origin. Others experience anxiety in the workplace that limits their advancement in a company. And others have the experience of feeling left out without an understanding of why. A group environment is an opportunity to work through the social interactions that trip you up on a daily basis and move toward a more secure sense of self and as a result, more fulfilling relationships with others.


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